Pricing Service

Pricing Service allows you to easily integrate Kelley Blue Book Values into your website, mobile app, inventory management system, or loan origination platform, allowing for a customized experience.

Frequent Updates

Kelley Blue Book Values are market-relevant and updated once a month to reflect current market conditions.

Price Advisor

Pricing Service API returns the trusted Kelley Blue Book values presented with the easy to understand Price Advisor visual.

Technical Specs

  • REST API with internet-accessible service (JSON API)
  • Detailed integration documentation readily available
  • Values can be incorporated with nearly any development language or system that supports REST compatible services.

How our Pricing Service API is used

Vehicle Descriptions

Our KBB granular vehicle descriptions gives you the power to store, catalogue, and monetize the data in your systems and databases.

Consistent vehicle descriptions are critical for integration within the Australian Automotive Industry.

Used Vehicle Pricing

KBB current market prices helps to reduce your financial risk during a vehicle transaction when trading in, retailing, financing, or insuring a vehicle.

Standard and Options

The list of Standard and Option prices provides a more detailed vehicle valuation.

Fine tune your vehicle valuations to increase your market share in the auto wholesale, finance, and insurance markets.

Vehicle Identification Technology

Rego Plate API allows instant access to vehicle identification and details.

Enter two fields of data to return the KBB ID. This gives you access to the KBB vehicle descriptions, used prices, vehicle images, and more.

Consulting Services

Cleanse your vehicle database with the use of the Rego Plate to KBB ID

Value your Motor Asset portfolio for ASX, Govt. and Tax Compliance purposes using KBB Pricing Service

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