Did you know that the price of the same car can vary considerably?

That's because factors such as odometer reading, equipment and colour can directly impact the value of cars. With so many variables, itʼs difficult to know the right price to pay for a car.

Bringing almost 90 years of experience in creating vehicle valuations to consumers in the USA, Kelley Blue Book is here to build a product that helps you understand price and have more confidence in buying a car.

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Experience The Kelley Blue Book® Brand

Kelley Blue Book began in the USA in 1918 when Les Kelley started the Kelley Kar company. After years of successfully running the car company, Les Kelley introduced the Kelley Blue Book in 1926.

Les Kelley was so successful at selling cars that he constantly needed more cars for his lot; he began distributing a list of automobiles he wanted to purchase with the prices he was willing to pay for them to dealers and banks.

Soon, the automotive community trusted his judgement as a good reflection of current values. Other dealers and banks requested the list for their own use and the Kelley name became the most trusted for car values. This list later became known as the Kelley Blue Book.

History Timeline

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Kelley Kar company founded

In 1918, a young man named Les Kelley parked three Model T Fords in an open lot, put $450 in the till and started the Kelley Kar Company. It was to become the largest dealership in the world and, along the way, spawn a need for placing values on used and even new cars, know as Blue Book ® values.


Kelley Blue Book ® published in 1926

Banks and dealers have now become so dependant on Kelley’s value that he decides to begin publishing them in book form. The Blue Book of automotive vales is born.


The Government uses Blue Book values to set Price Ceilings on used cars

World War II brought with it a shortage of cars. Used car prices got so high the government decided to put a ceiling on prices and used the Blue Book as the ceiling for both wholesale and retail values.


Kelley Blue Book introduces another innovation

Kelley Blue Book continues innovating by being the first publication to use mileage  to determine a vehicle’s value.


Kelley Blue Book launches KBB.com

A game-changing innovation, Kelley BLue Book launches KBB.com. New car prices introduced first, then used car values in 1996. 20,000 visitors a month used KBB.com. KBB.com becomes the most visited automotive website 1997.


Kelley Blue Book Mobile

Kelley Blue Book launches the Kelley Blue Mobile App helping customers determine their current vehicle’s worth, check proces for their next one or find a local dealer.


Kelley Blue Book expands Internationally

Kelley Blue Book launches into Portuguese and Brazilian markets

Today Technology
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Technology. Statistics. Analytics

Kelley Blue Book Data scientists use a wide range of data points to build market reflective estimates

We analyze daily market data from and listings to come up with the Kelley Blue Book Fair Market Estimate Range.

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The Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor

Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor is a good way to cut through the internet information chaos and discover the fair market estimate range when shopping for a used car. Giving you the confidence you made the right purchasing decision.

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  • White Zone

    Below Fair Market Estimate Range

    Circumstances such as retiring model years, unpopular color, excess inventory and seasonality may all be contributing factors to sales that occur in this range.

  • Green Zone

    Fair Market Estimate Range

    The green zone represents the Kelley Blue Book® Fair Market Estimate Range, which is Kelley Blue Book’s estimate of what a consumer can reasonably expect to pay for a vehicle.

  • Red Zone

    Above Fair Market Estimate Range

    Circumstances such as exceptionally low supply with high demand, options installed by the dealership, and seasonality may all be contributing factors to sales that occur in this range.

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Better prepared.

With so many brands, models and variables, it is easy for a buyerʼs car choice and pricing expectations to get buried under information overload. Let the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor help you - help them find a fair market estimate.

  • What really matters to customers

    What really matters to customers

    For some, it may be an easy journey finding what they want, but for others it can be confusing and frustrating. Lack of confidence in their research and understanding can be a barrier in them reaching out to a dealership.

  • Transparent estimating

    Transparent estimating

    Kelley Blue Book provides independent, transparent estimating, short circuiting the research process for consumers helping them to take the next step and contacting the dealership.

  • Leveraging Kelley Blue Book

    Leveraging Kelley Blue Book®

    Once you know each of the Kelley Blue Book® Price Advisor zones and why vehicles are estimated within those zones, you’ll have more confidence to be able to share this information with your customers, be able to speak a shared language and respond to any questions or concerns your customers have.

To help you speak the same Pricing languagewith your customers.

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